v6.18rc1 - November 30 2020

+ Media explorer: add option to not apply preview pitch/rate to inserted media item [t=245666]

+ Media explorer: allow editing metadata of multi-stream .ogg files

+ Media explorer: fix UTF-8 support for search field on Windows [p=2371567]

+ Media explorer: fix memory leak when writing .ogg file metadata

+ Media explorer: fix writing metadata to .ogg files [t=245670]

+ ReaScript: improve documentation for GetAppVersion and GetOS

+ VST: avoid scanning recursive symlinks

+ VST: fix stale terminate scanning plug-in windows on macOS

+ VST: show cancelable scanning UI when scan at startup takes a while

+ VST: show paths when scanning plug-ins

v6.17 - November 29 2020

+ FX shortcuts: fix issues with shortcut creation [t=245551]

+ JSFX: support file_open() of media with absolute path [t=212561]

+ JSFX: full recompile/reset in IDE closes any files opened via file_open()

+ Linux: fix potential hang on startup [p=2370672]

+ macOS-arm64: add mp3 encoder

+ Media: fix adjusting media based on embedded tempo when not importing from media explorer [t=245407]

+ Media explorer: add actions to set/adjust pitch

+ Media explorer: add action to insert media at BWF source preferred position

+ Media explorer: display error message when unable to create new database file [t=245376]

+ Media explorer: finer control for pitch and rate knobs

+ Media explorer: fix customizing Show and Options menus

+ Media explorer: fix possible macOS crash when removing database

+ Media explorer: if fine pitch adjustment set, further semitone or quartertone adjustments will preserve the fractional adjustment [p=2368875]

+ Media explorer: when replacing source media and stretching to fit, stretch active take only [p=2369092]

+ Media explorer: improve handling of stereo mp3 files played through multichannel tracks [t=242507]

+ ReaScript: GetOS() now returns macOS-arm64 on arm64

+ ReaScript: restore 6.15 OS-subtype GetAppVersion() behavior, add 6.16/macOS-arm64 for arm64

+ ReaScript: fix insertion of ReWire plug-ins by qualified name with TrackFX_AddByName() etc

+ Render queue: order queued items by time

+ Windows: disable DX scanning by default on new installations