v6.11 - May 24 2020

+ Appearance: add Theme Color Controls window for per-theme brightness/contrast/gamma/color adjustment

+ Automation items: improve properties window text editing behavior

+ CD: include track names in CUE file when using regions to mark tracks

+ CD: support basic metadata in CUE files

+ CD: embed per-track metadata if special project markers are seen, even if no other metadata is entered

+ Default theme adjuster: add color adjustment

+ Default theme adjuster: allow translating via language pack

+ Default theme adjuster: add 'extend name' track control alignment mode [t=234976]

+ Envelopes: improve responsiveness/scroll behavior of mousewheel on envelope control panel knob

+ FX browser: fix potential memory leak when adding instruments

+ FX browser: fix key/action assignments for ReWire plug-ins

+ Item menu: fix phase (polarity) invert indicator [twtr=1260330536758804481]

+ JSFX: fix reading non-ASCII filenames on Windows

+ Keyboard: allow unmodified function key shortcuts from within edit controls [t=232561]

+ Linux: fix incorrect handling of function keys in edit controls

+ MIDI editor: support keyboard navigation in CC lane dropdown on Windows

+ MIDI editor: fix actions to insert bank/program, text, and sysex events in piano roll view

+ MIDI: send note-offs to hardware and plug-ins when switching takes [p=2284464]

+ MIDI: support bank/program files that contain multiple named banks with the same MSB/LSB [t=236016]

+ macOS: fix inconsistent up vs down mousewheel scroll rates on track control panel

+ macOS: improve updating various windows on theme change when Metal is enabled

+ Media explorer: fix action to re-read all metadata for database [t=221528]

+ Media explorer: fix reading WAV INFO and CART metadata for database

+ Media explorer: volume knob affects preview output when routed through tracks

+ Media items: properly account for hidden tracks when cut/copy/pasting items from/to multiple tracks

+ Media items: improve display when moving multiple media items between tracks with different numbers of envelope lanes

+ Media items: if a media item has an empty named take and no item notes, display the take name in the arrange view [p=2285760]

+ Media items: display grouping button on empty items that are grouped

+ Media items: improve behavior when clicking and immediately moving an item very quickly

+ Media items: fix take volume set to zero after importing media with embedded transients using "insert media file" action [t=236375]

+ Metadata: rename Metadata window Save button to Apply


+ Metadata: add support for more ID3 tag types including TXXX

+ Metadata: add $filename wildcard [p=2281959]

+ Metadata: add action to clear all vs just the current scheme

+ Metadata: add action/menu item to open project render metadata window

+ Metadata: add option to embed automatic BWF metadata even if no other data entered

+ Metadata: improve user interface for setting ID3 image file/type

+ Metadata: fix INFO metadata display in Windows Explorer

+ Metadata: ensure user-supplied iXML metadata is XML-compliant

+ Metadata: fix writing images to ID3 tags from filenames with non-ascii characters on Windows

+ Metadata: mark project dirty when applying metadata changes

+ Metadata: support embedding iXML data in WAV files

+ Mixer: add option for horizontal scroll over the mixer to scroll mixer tracks instead of arrange view

+ Mixer: mousewheel scroll consistently by one track left and right

+ Notation: fix PDF export on Windows if REAPER is installed with non-ASCII characters in the path

+ Project bay: hide browse button when it is not usable

+ Project bay: volume knob affects preview output when routed through tracks

+ Project settings: allow saving default project author

+ RS5k: increase max voice limit to 64, default limit to 8

+ ReaNINJAM: fix UTF-8 chat display on Windows

+ ReaScript IDE: improve precision/number formatting in watch window

+ ReaScript IDE: watch list filter also matches variable values

+ ReaScript IDE: fix opening file with non-ASCII filename on Windows via Ctrl+R

+ ReaScript IDE: Lua watch is scanned breadth-first, show references to tables rather than repeating them

+ ReaScript IDE: improve/optimize watch display

+ ReaScript: add GetThemeColor()/SetThemeColor()

+ ReaScript: add LocalizeString()

+ ReaScript: add documentation for new RENDER_SETTINGS flags

+ ReaScript: implement GetFxByName() for ReWire

+ Render: add $fx wildcard, to list all track and/or take FX

+ Render: add support for $itemnote and $takemarker wildcards

+ Render: configuration UI improvements

+ Render: fix sticky project queued render delay [t=177897]

+ Render: improve tab order of render dialog controls [t=236087]

+ Render: match $reg to $region wildcard [t=236387]

+ Ruler: allow denser label spacing when using minimal beats mode with no secondary mode

+ Startup: by default, prompt-for-project dialog selects last opened project, or last opened set of project tabs if multiple tabs were last opened

+ System: fix minor UI/performance issues that could occur if system millisecond timer wraps

+ Themes: allow separate configuration of Trim Volume envelope color [t=235873]

+ VST: fix VST3 preset import/export on Windows to non-ASCII pathnames

+ VST: prevent duplicate keyboard notifications being sent to plug-ins on Windows

+ WAV: support read/write of u-Law files

+ Windows: improve appearance of some ReaPlugs [t=232501]