v6.20rc1 - January 15 2021

* Includes branch: internal Register() API cleanups

* Includes branch: per-chain PDC mode and overhaul/optimization

* Includes branch: IDE autocomplete

* Includes branch: 2nd pass render

+ Actions: add action to set horizontal zoom to default project setting

+ Actions: add actions to render stems on 2nd pass

+ Actions: fix action to select take under mouse when empty take lanes are not visible [t=246606]

+ Actions: fix capitalization of ReaScript, ReaEQ, etc in action descriptions

+ Automation items: fix potential crash when splitting automation item under mouse cursor [t=247651]

+ Batch converter: add option to preserve original file metadata when possible

+ Delay compensation: FX chains can be set to compensate delay Per-FX, Per-chain, or not at all

+ Delay compensation: in record input FX and monitoring FX, when not in ignore delay compensation mode, dry signal is now kept synchronized to wet signal (change from previous behavior)

+ Delay compensation: master FX chain can be set to compensate delay at the hardware-send level

+ Envelopes: fix lag in display of value text

+ FX browser: improve selection behavior when renaming FX

+ FX: faster preset management with large preset counts/sizes

+ FX: fix JSFX/AU pin map loading when FX pin count is larger than track channel count

+ Freeze: disable track playback offset when freezing, re-enabled when unfreezing [t=242673]

+ IDE: add Ctrl+R for replace (after find)

+ IDE: allow jumping to line number via ctrl/cmd+J

+ IDE: autosuggest variable names (based on last run/watch values)

+ IDE: ctrl+return inserts line after current line

+ IDE: doubleclicking a user function name jumps to the function definition

+ IDE: improve mouse behavior for suggestion list

+ IDE: improve search function, up/down changes search modes

+ IDE: insert autocomplete text using tab, shift+return, or (after having navigated via arrow keys) return

+ IDE: only refresh changed region of watch list to reduce flicker

+ IDE: show viewable line range in status line

+ IDE: support searching backwards via Ctrl+Shift+G/Shift+F3

+ IDEs: API function name fuzzy matching with optional autocomplete

+ IDEs: include user-defined functions in watch list, allow navigating to them via doubleclick

+ JSFX: add bit meter

+ JSFX: change IDE behavior to use Ctrl+Shift+R to open an import line (vs Ctrl+R which is now used for search/replace)

+ MIDI editor: add undo state when editing MIDI event properties

+ MIDI editor: fix display of linear tempo changes [t=238747]

+ MIDI editor: fix event list delete button [t=242993]

+ MIDI export: improve exporting linear tempo changes [t=247636]

+ MIDI recording: don't extend existing MIDI items past the start of a following MIDI item [t=226129]

+ MIDI recording: fix behavior where existing MIDI item will not be extended if recording begins, but nothing is actually recorded, before the item start position

+ MIDI recording: in overdub/replace mode, don't extend existing MIDI items until MIDI has actually been recorded on the track

+ MIDI: discard port messages when importing multiple MIDI tracks to a single REAPER track

+ MIDI: fix pre-FX fader-scaled volume envelopes transforming MIDI incorrectly

+ MIDI: preserve MIDI port messages, even though REAPER doesn't do anything with them

+ MIDI: support RIFF-based MIDI files [t=246816]

+ MIDI: support inserting and editing port messages

+ MP3: encode chapter tags in timeline order [t=246910]

+ MacOS: update table column alignment properly for multi-tab list controls (project bay, etc)

+ Media explorer: action to open arrange view media in media explorer respects autoplay preference

+ Media explorer: add action to calculate peak volume for media files

+ Media explorer: add action to preview random file

+ Media explorer: add action to re-read metadata from media files to action list

+ Media explorer: add action to reverse preview playback

+ Media explorer: add options to normalize preview volume and/or normalize volume when inserting media

+ Media explorer: add track number column (not displayed by default)

+ Media explorer: after deleting files, select the next file

+ Media explorer: apply volume, pitch, rate adjustments properly when inserting multiple files at once

+ Media explorer: automatically populate peak volume when previewing file

+ Media explorer: clean up shortcut view after reordering shortcuts

+ Media explorer: clear search cache when renaming files or new files are added

+ Media explorer: display arrow cursor over preview scrollbars on Windows

+ Media explorer: display length/sample rate/audio channels for video media

+ Media explorer: do not export actions to delete folders from the file view without recycling or confirming

+ Media explorer: don't re-initialize column order when the a new REAPER release changes the number of defined columns

+ Media explorer: don't search bit depth/bitrate/length metadata

+ Media explorer: fix action to play previously played media (A/B test)

+ Media explorer: fix context menu action to browse to folder for search results or database entry

+ Media explorer: fix customized column order on macos

+ Media explorer: fix displaying length/bit depth for some non-standard .wav files

+ Media explorer: fix possible crash when removing a track/project that is used for preview

+ Media explorer: if option enabled, don't auto-play when initiating drag of unselected file [p=2384175]

+ Media explorer: improve accessibility of context menus via application-key

+ Media explorer: improve column sorting for length and bits columns

+ Media explorer: improve context menu organization and consistency

+ Media explorer: map reverse/forward preview playback to shift+leftarrow/shift+rightarrow by default

+ Media explorer: more accurate sample drawing when highly zoomed in

+ Media explorer: preserve custom column order when docking/undocking media explorer

+ Media explorer: prevent writing multiple ID3 tags to .wav files

+ Media explorer: respect preferences to apply preview volume/pitch/rate when inserting into reaper via drag or action

+ Media explorer: restore selection after renaming file [p=2389201]

+ Media explorer: select enclosing folder in shortcut list when browsing

+ Media explorer: show filenames that will be removed when prompting to confirm deletion

+ Media explorer: sort of tempo adjust previewed length of media when dragging from media explorer

+ Media items: don't reset manual fades when editing item contents with autocrossfade enabled [t=239815]

+ Media items: fix actions to move items up/down one lane [t=246887]

+ Media items: fix potential crash when replacing media source for multiple items with empty items in the project [p=2380184]

+ Metadata: add preset support

+ Metadata: fix decoding very large BWF start offset values [p=2380383]

+ Mouse modifiers: add modifier to move item loop section contents respecting snap

+ Project bay: fix undo point addition when dragging from FX tab to project

+ ReaDelay: display formatted parameter value in REAPER envelope edit dialog

+ ReaScript: EnumerateFiles()/EnumerateSubDirectories() allow manual cache invalidation [t=203235]

+ ReaScript: GetFocusedFX()/GetFocusedFX2() support monitoring FX

+ ReaScript: IDE remembers watch state

+ ReaScript: Lua gmem_attach() returns previous global memory segment name [t=240447]

+ ReaScript: add preference for IDE watch window update interval

+ ReaScript: fix EnumerateFiles()/EnumerateSubDirectories() cache bug [t=203235]

+ Render: add support for 2nd pass render

+ Render: adjust 2nd pass render for resampler latency [p=2381827]

+ Ruler: when displaying time, always show X:XX.XXX even if the last X is zero

+ Scrub: add actions to temporarily enable looped-segment scrubbing

+ Super8: fix recording bug when in project/playback sync mode and gate was left enabled

+ Timecode: format as HH:MM:SS:FF rather than H:MM:SS:FF everywhere (timeline, transport, wildcards, etc)

+ Timecode: when timeline is in H:M:S:F format, interpret user-entered H.M.S.F as H:M:S:F

+ Track panel: show bypassed indication for embedded FX, allow shift+clicking header to toggle bypass

+ Undo history: display the undo point corresponding with the last save

+ Undo: add undo point including filename when using save-as to save to a new project file

+ VST: fix IContextMenu compatibility issue

+ VST: improved plug-in scanning status messages

+ VST: option to not scan for new/updated plug-ins on startup

+ VST: preferences lists skipped plug-ins and allows manual re-scan

+ VST: reduce display update frequency when scanning filesystem

+ Video: do not show intermediate frames when seeking playback long distances

+ Video: do not show intermediate frames when stopped and repositioning cursor, unless rapidly repositioning cursor

+ Video: fix playing of early frames when looping

+ Video: fix possible parameter automation display flickering while stopped

+ Video: fix timing glitch at playback start [t=239873]

+ Video: improve playback behavior immediately following small backwards seek

+ Video: optional project settings to have video affected by solo of other tracks, mute of parent tracks

+ Video: project setting to control where in the frame automation is evaluated [t=244908]

+ Video: spectrogram synthesis preset bugfixes

+ WAV: fix importing embedded transients as transient markers [p=2386342]

+ WAV: import embedded cues properly for certain files [t=247260]

+ WAV: list embedded cues in media source properties dialog

+ Wave decoder: improve behavior of previews going to multichannel tracks [p=2370348]

+ Wavpack decoder: improve behavior of previews going to multichannel tracks [p=2370348]

+ Wildcards: add $marker(name) and $region(name) wildcards, for example $marker(ISRC) will resolve to "1234" if there is a project marker named "ISRC=1234" within the rendered time range

+ Wildcards: format timecode as HH.MM.SS.FF rather than H-MM-SS-FF (saved settings in existing projects are not affected)

+ Wildcards: make help text more consistent for start/end/length wildcards (sorry, localizers)

+ Windows: allow longer search strings in Media Explorer [t=245795]

+ macOS: improve listview appearance on Big Sur

# API: add hookpostcommand2

# Freeze: temporarily disable track playback offset during freeze, rather than freezing the offset and then disabling

# IDE completion: hide suggestions when clicking mouse in window

# IDE: allow full-row selection in watch window on Windows (fixes doubleclick copy issue)

# IDE: doubleclicking the value column of the watch list copies the variable value rather than the name

# IDE: fix suggestion for lua system variables

# IDE: fix visual glitch when updating autocomplete window

# IDE: improve Lua prefix handling in autocomplete

# IDE: improve autocomplete fuzzy matches

# IDE: improve suggestion/documentation for gfx and mouse variables

# IDE: include code-defined functions in autocomplete suggestions

# IDE: only show autocomplete when cursor is actually on the string

# IDE: show non-autocomplete function-specific info during keyboard navigation

# IDEs: add option for maximum visible autocomplete suggestions

# IDEs: auto-insert opening parenthesis if needed

# IDEs: improve behavior with return/tab/backspace [p=2391479]

# IDEs: improve current function suggestion text to include current parameter info

# IDEs: improve mid-word suggestion behavior [p=2391799]

# IDEs: small tweak to default IDE theme

# IDEs: suggestion logic improvements, bias towards sorted leading-prefix

# JSFX: fix PDC-passthrough glitch in new PDC code [p=2287520]

# JSFX: fix incorrect behavior on stop/reset [p=2362447]

# Lua IDE: list built-in lua functions in autocomplete suggestions

# MIDI recording: when extending an existing MIDI item, extend right up to the start of a following item

# MIDI: fix extending unlooped in-project MIDI [p=2381946]

# MP3: fix displaying chapter markers in media explorer and arrange view [p=2385162]

# Media explorer: always rescan after deleting files

# Media explorer: apply tempo match consistently when inserting via drag [p=2389855]

# Media explorer: auto-open enclosing folder when running action to open arrange view media in media explorer

# Media explorer: auto-play slightly faster when keyboard navigating

# Media explorer: clear search before running action to open arrange view source media in media explorer

# Media explorer: faster keyboard navigation when option enabled to stop preview when dragging files

# Media explorer: faster switching between forward and reverse preview

# Media explorer: finish up any existing peaksbuild if calculating peak

# Media explorer: fix browsing to enclosing folder of file search result on Windows

# Media explorer: fix selecting enclosing folder when opening arrange view media in media explorer and media explorer was not previously opened

# Media explorer: prevent possible hang while calculating peak volume

# Media explorer: revert automatic calculation of peak volume when previewing (calculate only on demand)

# Media explorer: round displayed peak volume to 0.1 dB

# Metadata: fix memory leak in metadata presets

# Render: fix render bounds [p=2371720]

# Timecode: intepret user-entered x.x.x.x as h:m:s:f if the primary or secondary timeline is in frames

# VST: remove redundant splash messages when VST scan window is open

# VST: use a fresh config bit for VST-scan-at-startup disabling

# Video: typo fix [t=247675]

# Wildcards: improve help text slightly

v6.19 - December 18 2020

+ Accessibility: option to allow space key for navigation now affects track/marker managers, track routing window, envelope window, fade editor

+ Accessibility: add option in preferences/fades to display accessible (but cryptic) fade names instead of images in menus


+ API: PCM_SOURCE_EXT_ENUMCUES_EX distinguishes between cues and chapter markers

+ Control surfaces: do not send duplicate CSURF_EXT_SETFXPARAM notifications in response to automation

+ EDL: fix importing media item fade shapes

+ Elastique: update to v3.3.3

+ Localization: support UTF-8 localization of wav render formats

+ Media explorer: add actions to increase/decrease preview volume

+ Media explorer: add action to reset columns to default order and width, re-initialize view when new fields are added in a REAPER update

+ Media explorer: add option to group folders at top

+ Media explorer: add scrollbars to zoom/scroll preview display and increase/decrease waveform height, option to show/hide scrollbars

+ Media explorer: if options enabled, apply volume/pitch/rate adjustments when adding media to ReaSamploMatic5000 [t=246343]

+ Media explorer: by default, pick up beat-synced preview immediately, add option to wait for next measure to start

+ Media explorer: display sample rate, channel count, bit depth/bitrate

+ Media explorer: display media length

+ Media explorer: display media source preferred position (BWF start offset or any other available reference metadata)

+ Media explorer: display preview position/length in milliseconds

+ Media explorer: faster metadata reading for .ogg files

+ Media explorer: fix action to go to parent folder when persistent search is active [t=245677]

+ Media explorer: fix duplicate metadata potentially being written to files

+ Media explorer: fix actions to scan all databases [t=246221]

+ Media explorer: fix synchronized previews being off by a buffer block

+ Media explorer: preserve unrecognized ID3 tag elements when editing metadata

+ Media explorer: set media offline before rewriting metadata, in case the file is already in use in the arrange view

+ Media explorer: snap cursor to media cues/regions/transients/chapters

+ Media explorer: support customizing file last-modified date display format

+ Media explorer: preserve user-edited (but not yet written) metadata when re-reading metadata from media [p=2376166]

+ Media explorer: support temporary marks for files, to track what has been previewed or other uses

+ Media explorer: support updating metadata for multi-stream files where the vorbis stream is not first

+ Media explorer: support writing edited source preferred position back to media files

+ Media explorer: add refresh button, add theme images for back/forward/up/refresh

+ Media items: preserve manual fade shape when clearing auto-crossfade [t=240579]

+ Media items: support applying media source BWF start offset to item ruler [t=236220]

+ Media items: support section/reverse parameters in item ruler [t=245993]

+ Metadata: support time reference (start offset) in mp3, flac, ogg, opus, wavpack in addition to wav

+ Metadata: support iXML metadata in flac, mp3 files

+ Metadata: display mp3 event markers in media explorer and arrange view

+ Metadata: list AXML metadata separately from BWF (they had been combined for legacy reasons)

+ Metadata: list render metadata schemes in alphabetical order

+ Metadata: improve compatibility when editing metadata for OGG files with large page sizes

+ MIDI: fix adjusting imported MIDI length to match project tempo map (6.17 regression) [p=2373470]

+ Peaks: warn if peaks are not buildable because alternate peaks path is configured but invalid

+ Project save: improve behavior when copying symlinked media on macOS/Linux

+ ReaScript: add B_RECMON_IN_EFFECT to GetMediaTrackInfo_Value()

+ ReaScript: add GetMediaFileMetadata

+ ReaScript: support UTF-8 font names on Windows [t=190468]

+ ReaScript: do not run deferred scripts during project load [p=2379014]

+ Recording: fix potentially incorrect fadeout created when recording in item autopunch mode

+ Render: activate "apply" button after browsing to new output folder [p=2375479]

+ Render: respect option to embed project name in BWF when other BWF metadata is provided

+ Subprojects: embed subproject metadata in rendered .rpp-prox file [p=2378755]

+ Subprojects: support embedding source preferred position (BWF start offset)

+ Takes: fix potential crash when replacing multiple occurrences of the same source media [p=2378037]

+ Track manager: fix reordering tracks when using various sort modes [t=246511]

+ Video processors: support UTF-8 font names on Windows [t=190468]

+ VST: decrease latency of VST3 channel context notifications

+ VST: support "REAPER record monitor in effect" attribute for VST3 channel contexts

+ Wavpack: improve interaction between render metadata and BWF settings

+ Wildcards: add $dayname and $datetime wildcards