v6.03+dev0215 - February 15 2020

+ Batch converter: support embedding metadata

+ MP3: support embedding ISRC in ID3 tag

+ Project: support saving author in project settings/notes dialog

+ Render/Batch convert: support embedding ID3 tags in wav and aif files

+ Wildcards: add $author wildcard for recording, rendering, file conversion

v6.03+dev0214 - February 14 2020

+ JSFX: fix possible crash from concurrent random() calls

+ Render: support embedding MP3 ID3 tags

# Pan: fix scaling when using new pan law option

v6.03+dev0212a - February 12 2020

# WAV: fix potential crash when loading .wav files

v6.03+dev0212 - February 12 2020

+ MIDI editor: support entering a note name directly in event properties dialog [t=230641]

+ Pan: add option to limit taper to linear above +3dB pan law [t=231241]

+ Render: add support for embedding INFO and CART metadata

+ Render: display more accurate remaining time when rendering from region render matrix [t=231258]

+ Render: support wildcards in metadata

+ WAV: display CART data in media source properties

# ARA: fix restoring state when reloading new projects [p=2241148]

# ARA: potentially more successful loading of old corrupted data (will never be high likelihood of success)

# ARA: preserve edits when running action that deletes the beginning of a media item

v6.03+dev0204 - February 4 2020

+ ARA: prevent lost edits when running an action that creates multiple splits or copies at once [p=2238805]

+ VST3: fix interaction between automation items and VST3 parameter in certain cases [t=230200]

# ARA: support forwards and backwards compatible state loading (projects saved in +dev0131 will not be loadable)

# Render: fix populating render format dropdown after setting format via API [p=2239620]

v6.03+dev0131 - January 31 2020

+ ARA: prevent loss of data when using automatic backups [t=230867]

+ Project bay: display source offset, tempo, time signature for source media if applicable

# ReaScript: fix setting primary and secondary render format

# Render dialog: restore all format settings when reopening the dialog [p=2238311]

# Windows: improve antialias selection fix

v6.03+dev0128 - January 28 2020

+ Envelopes: add actions to move active envelope fader, or selected envelope points, up or down a tiny bit

+ Envelopes: turn off track/send mute button when creating new mute envelope while muted (so it's not double-muted)

+ HiDPI: adjust font antialiasing size threshold for dpi on Windows

+ Render: add support for secondary render format (render simultaneously to wav and mp3, etc)

+ VST3: fix .vstpreset loading

# ReaScript: add support for getting/setting secondary render format

v6.03+dev0126 - January 26 2020

+ MacOS: display read-only text boxes with window background color

+ Render: force rendered sample rate to be compatible with stem file output format

+ Theme: omit IDE colors from theme element finder [p=2235507]

# MIDI editor: disable CC shape menu options when shape is not allowed in a particular CC lane

# MIDI editor: preference to allow CC shape in LSB lanes does not affect pitch lane [p=2236724]

v6.03+dev0122 - January 22 2020

+ Control surfaces: MCU remembers whether it is in MCP mode across sessions (csurf section, mcu_mcp key)

+ Custom actions: add options to define when custom action feedback is displayed as enabled

+ Performance meter: shorten text strings when very narrow

v6.03+dev0118 - January 18 2020

+ Custom actions: show custom action toggle state as enabled/disabled only if every component action is enabled/disabled [p=2232483]

+ MIDI editor: add option when loading bank/program name file to set new default

+ MIDI editor: display non-standard CC values in event list view [p=2231622]

+ MIDI editor: prevent multiple events at the same time position when creating saw LFO [p=2231606]

+ Media items: when enabled, trim behind duplicated media items immediately after duplicating [t=229591]

+ Projects: store arrange view Y scroll position in project

+ ReaNINJAM: improve status display/visual click

+ VST3: fix support for VST3 plugins that output MIDI via LegacyMIDICCOutEvent

+ VST: notify VST3 plug-ins of display DPI

+ macOS: show open-project options on recent macOS versions by default

# MIDI filter: fix checkbox display on Windows

# Theme: default_6.0 150/200% gen_vol/pan thumbs

# listviews: improve performance when selecting all/none in listviews on macOS and Linux

v6.03+dev0114 - January 14 2020

+ MIDI editor: add action to set custom color map per track (not per media item)

+ MIDI: setting bank/program file for a track does not change the default bank/program file

+ Media items: inform user when auto-stretch timebase cannot be applied due to existing gradual tempo map [p=2231315]

+ ReaScript: improve support for touch messages when using OscLocalMessageToHost() [t=225104]

+ ReaTune: allow detection G-1..A0 with large window size

+ ReaTune: automatic tuning mode can optionally limit output note range

+ macOS: disable formatting in various text fields

+ macOS: faster listview updates

# MIDI editor: option to prevent CC shape in LSB lanes does not reset existing CC shapes

v6.02+dev1228 - December 28 2019

# Windows: Multimonitor aware v2 mode is no longer default (is experimental again)

v6.02+dev1222 - December 22 2019

# FX: do not recreate resizing VST UIs on DPI change

v6.02+dev1221 - December 21 2019

+ MacOS: optionally display last user action in REAPER title bar

+ Windows: improve checkbox appearance in various windows

# Toolbars: fix toggle state for SWS cycle actions [p=2220575]

# Windows: tweak font in send/VST generic UIs/etc

v6.02+dev1220 - December 20 2019

+ MIDI editor: add option to allow CC shape in bank and LSB lanes (CC0, CC32-63)

+ Windows: make Multimonitor aware v2 mode default

# Automation items: copy/paste to intended track when copying automation items and media items together

# FX chain: re-create VST plug-in UI if DPI changed

# FX chains: change FX state images when DPI changes

# FX float windows: re-create plug-in UI if DPI changed

# HiDPI: fix initial size of single send/hardware output window on secondary displays

# JSFX: fix mm2 pane resizing in IDE

# JSFX: mm2 fixes

# Media explorer: render back/forward/parent images at various DPI settings

# Performance meter: new-hidpi fixes

# ReaScript: fix watch pane resize on mm2

# fix track send window when in non-mm2-dpi mode

v6.02+dev1219 - December 19 2019

+ Actions: show custom action toggle state as enabled/disabled if all component actions that report a toggle state are enabled/disabled [t=229048]

+ MIDI inline editor: DPI-scale CC lane resizers

+ Main window: TCP pane and toolbar pane size are stored DPI-independently

+ Media explorer: optionally apply preview volume to inserted media item

+ Retina/HiDPI: generic FX UI font sizing improvements

+ Retina/HiDPI: track routing window font sizing improvements

+ Toolbars: refresh toolbar after running any action via toolbar [t=229048]

+ Windows HiDPI: store FX browser pane width indepedent of DPI

+ Windows HiDPI: store FX chain list width indepedent of DPI

+ Windows HiDPI: store media explorer pane sizes independent of DPI

+ Windows: experimental Multimonitorv2 HiDPI awareness mode

# Automation items: fix offset when pasting with media items [p=2219579]

v6.02+dev1218 - December 18 2019

+ Automation items: when copy/pasting media items, also copy/paste all selected automation items [t=227409]

v6.01+dev1213 - December 13 2019

+ MIDI editor: add option to prevent mouse edits of single CC events from moving past other CC events

# MIDI editor: add options to color unselected note body and/or border by theme color when using track or media item colors

v6.01+dev1212 - December 12 2019

+ MIDI editor: add option to use theme color for selected note body and/or border when coloring by track or media item

# Mouse modifiers: better handling of drawing looped section of media item that is already a looped section of a media source [inception noise]

v6.01+dev1211 - December 11 2019

+ Mouse modifiers: add modifier to draw selected media item, looping the visible or time-selected section

# Mouse modifiers: improve behavior when editing takes with negative start-in-source [p=2215292]

v6.01+dev1210 - December 10 2019

+ MIDI editor: UI scaling support

+ Media items: fix erratic snap when source loop length is less than snap division [p=2214189]

# Mouse modifiers: disable loop source mouse modifiers for MIDI items

# Mouse modifiers: on initial loop source edit, set loop bounds to media item bounds if less than one loop iteration is displayed [p=2214579]

v6.01+dev1209 - December 9 2019

+ Mouse modifiers: support editing loop source length by dragging loop divider notch when media item edge mouse modifier is set to edit loop source

v6.0+dev1205 - December 5 2019

+ Mouse modifiers: add modifier to adjust loop source start/end by dragging media item contents

# Mouse modifiers: better handling of editing loop section via mouse modifier when only one loop iteration is showing

v6.0+dev1204 - December 4 2019

+ Automation items: add sine shape, tilt parameter

+ MIDI editor: add basic CC LFO dialog

+ MIDI: optionally display program names and text events in arrange view

+ Mouse modifiers: add modifiers to adjust loop section start/end

+ Takes: implode items into tracks only if at least half of the item overlaps [p=2207040]

# MIDI editor: add sine shape to LFO dialog

# MIDI editor: better interpolation of LFO start/end

# MIDI editor: fix unintentionally disabled menu items (effectively reverts c548c617)

# MIDI editor: increase width of CC LFO dialog

v6.03 - January 13 2020

+ Actions: show custom action toggle state as enabled/disabled if all component actions that report a toggle state are enabled/disabled [t=229048]

+ FX browser: improve mixed-state handling of plug-in options in context menus

+ FX chain: improve behavior with multimonitors at different DPIs

+ Knobs: use v5.x image selection behavior

+ Linux: fix listview header hit testing [p=2208515]

+ macOS: fix ReaTune scrollbar appearance issues

+ macOS: fix routing matrix/wiring diagram scrollbar appearance issues

+ macOS: improve appearance of static text fields when option to allow dark mode is enabled

+ macOS: optionally display last undo point in REAPER title bar

+ MIDI editor: add option to prevent mouse edits of single CC events from moving past other CC events

+ MIDI editor: double-click on CC lane header selects all events in lane

+ MIDI editor: improve visibility of note text in diamond or triangle view mode [t=228720]

+ MIDI: preserve CC shapes when gluing items with timebase source beats [t=229058]

+ Media explorer: fix memory leak when opening/closing window

+ Media items: add preference to set imported media items with embedded tempo to auto-stretch at project tempo changes

+ Media items: improve auto-stretch warp slope calculation with linear tempo changes [p=2215207]

+ OSC: fix divide by zero bugs when device sets bank size of zero [p=2228676]

+ ReaTune: improve correction tab drawing behavior when window is very small

+ Stretch markers: fix timing issues with tempo ramps and/or 0ms fade-times

+ Stretch markers: preserve beat-based positions of stretch markers when copy/pasting items with timebase beats

+ Toolbars: fix actions to press active toolbar button by position [p=2229796]

+ Toolbars: refresh toolbar after running any action via toolbar [t=229048]

+ Toolbars: refresh toolbars after running any custom action [t=229048]

+ Track panels: prevent meters from occluding track name when renaming tracks on Windows [t=228993]

+ VST: add hasCockosSampleAccurateAutomation and hasCockosEmbeddedUI support for third-party plug-ins

+ Windows: fix truncated docker tabs with HiDPI

+ Windows: improve track/region manager HiDPI resize behaviors

+ Windows: improve screensets window HiDPI resize behavior

+ Windows: improve media explorer routing button HiDPI resizing

+ Windows: fix listview header hit testing with non-standard scalings