v6.12+dev0705 - July 5 2020

+ MP3: display embedded chapter tags in media explorer and optionally in arrange view

+ Media explorer: add option to hide file extension when file type column is displayed

+ Metadata: support embedding and reading XMP metadata for wav, mp3, flac

# Media Explorer: when inserting to sample player on new track, set track name and MIDI inputs

v6.12+dev0704 - July 4 2020

+ Media Explorer: add option to group favorites at the top

+ Media explorer: add action to insert media into ReaSamplOmatic5000

+ Media explorer: add actions to rescan all databases

+ Media explorer: support assigning shortcuts to actions to rescan database

+ Mixer: add option to show TCP FX parameters with the FX inserts

+ Mixer: remove separate FX parameter section project setting

+ ReaSamplOmatic5000: when dragging files from media explorer, automatically adjust start/end, volume, and pitch

# Area selection: add mouse modifiers to copy areas vertically

# MIDI CC sel: reverse mousewheel direction

# Media explorer: don't show "insert selected portion" actions when selected file is not the same as the previewed file

# Media explorer: fix applying preview volume to media after dragging into REAPER

# Media explorer: fix moving files with UTF-8 paths/filenames to recycle bin on win32

# Mixer FX: restore single click in empty slot behavior [p=2313900]

# REX: fix length of imported media

v6.12+dev0703 - July 3 2020

+ Media explorer: fast metadata reading for .mid files

+ Media explorer: support marking media files as favorites

+ Mixer: improve cursor feedback when drag/dropping FX inserts

+ Mixer: optionally show TCP FX parameters after the FX insert rather than in separate section

+ RS5k: update UI/channel count/voices when setting samples via ReaScript [t=239147]

+ ReaScript: fix envelope undo issues with SetTrackStateChunk [t=238960]

# Area selection: fix potential rounding issue when copying [p=2313059]

# Area selection: modify area selections when changing tempo and timebase is beats

# Area selection: preserve fades if possible when copying media items

# Media explorer: ensure databases and filesystem folder displays are kept in sync when editing metadata

# Media explorer: fix starting MIDI preview with transpose applied

# Media explorer: refresh display after changing option to display leading paths in databases

# TCP FXparm: improve context menus

# TCPfx: support drag/drop from list

# theme: fix huge fxparm sizing on win32/linux

v6.12+dev0701 - July 1 2020

+ Media explorer: pitch adjustment transposes MIDI directly

+ Notation editor: fix incorrect notation when using MIDI key signature event in A minor [t=239045]

+ Theme: add new tcp_fxparm_fx_norm/byp/off background images

+ Track panels: optionally show each FX in the FX parameter list

+ WALTER: extend tcp.fxparm.margin to support 7th field of FX-insert alignment, 8th field inter-column gap

# Area selection: better handling of actions to move area selections backwards/forwards when multiple area selections exist

# Area selection: fix copy/pasting between tracks with different timebase settings [p=2312892]

# Media explorer: avoid incomplete drag/drop blocking keyboard messages

# Media explorer: fix display glitch when hiding path dropdown

# Media explorer: fix importing media with playrate 4.0

# Media explorer: fix search box clearing on enter key on windows

# Media explorer: refresh display after changing option to display all files

v6.12+dev0630 - June 30 2020

+ Area selection: fix trim content to area selections when multiple selections exist on one track [p=2312310]

+ Mac: add control+space as default shortcut for "play or pause", in addition to cmd+space which usually opens system spotlight search

+ Media explorer: add option to hide path dropdown box

+ Media explorer: auto-stop when initiating file drag, if enabled

+ Media explorer: confirm before deleting database

+ Notation editor: fix persistence of ambiguous note positioning when using multiple staves [t=239038]

+ OGG Vorbis: do not render an empty file if output parameters are invalid [t=239112]

# ARA: fix for potential hang on load state [p=2310547]

# Actions dialog: rename Import/export button, improve description of menu items [p=2312467]

# Media explorer: fix keyboard shortcuts after dragging media to third-party application [p=2311948]

# Media explorer: update path dropdown after deleting database

# macOS: improve FX parameter line spacing in default theme

v6.12+dev0629 - June 29 2020

+ File import: support pasting files from explorer/finder directly into arrange view

+ Media explorer: double-click preview display to select region between slices or cues

+ Media explorer: improve macOS retina drawing of peaks

+ Media explorer: snap time selection to embedded cues and slices

+ Media explorer: support copy/pasting files in or out of media explorer

+ Media explorer: support dragging files to real paths in the shortcut list

v6.12+dev0628 - June 28 2020

+ File handles: fix reduce_open_files() and associated advanced experimental preference (6.11 regression)

+ Media explorer: display embedded transients in preview

+ Media explorer: save recent search strings

+ Media explorer: show database name in path dropdown rather than "XX.ReaperFileList"

+ Media explorer: when editing metadata in-place, up/down arrows navigate to previous/next file

+ macOS: fix focus issues when activating certain docked windows

# Area selection: fix some rounding issues when deleting

# ReaScript: Track/TakeFX_GetParameterStepSizes() returns error on out of range JSFX parameters

v6.12+dev0627 - June 27 2020

+ Media explore: update databases after moving or renaming files

+ Media explorer: add option to try to open non-media files

+ Media explorer: support editing metadata in-place in the list

+ Media explorer: support moving files to trash/recycle bin

+ Media explorer: support render-drag of file section outside of REAPER on mac

+ Media items: when enabling loop item source, ensure start offset is not negative

+ ReaScale: improve default path for Load... command

# Area selection: fix mouse modifier to delete all area contents

# Media explorer: fix renaming and deleting files via preview display context menu

# Media explorer: make editing time selection edges slightly less sticky

v6.12+dev0625 - June 25 2020

+ Audio Units: fix bridging support (5.79 regression)

+ Media explorer: add playback rate control

+ Media explorer: column sort preferences persist between REAPER sessions

+ Media explorer: support dragging files into the list

+ Media explorer: support renaming files

+ Media import: only use tempo suggested by metadata if it matches the beat length of the media [p=2309774]

+ REX: update Windows shared library to version 1.8.3, includes unbridged 64-bit support

+ System: fix potential crashes due to high socket use on macOS and Linux [t=238309]

+ Web interface: reduce latency of web server

# MIDI: revert option to prevent MIDI notes from retriggering when splitting media items [p=2309790]

v6.12+dev0624 - June 24 2020

+ Appearance: minor default theme updates

+ Batch converter: improve command line documentation [p=2309474]

+ MIDI: CC lane selection includes submenu of lanes with events

+ Media explorer: automatically populate file metadata for media files that are visible in the browser list

+ Media explorer: faster metadata reading for .flac files

+ Media explorer: faster metadata reading for .wav files

+ Media explorer: remove option to use Windows Explorer for browsing

+ Media: when matching tempo for preview or import, use any suitable metadata

+ Metadata: automatically write title, date, and time fields if the user does not enter them

+ REX: display metadata in source properties dialog and media explorer

+ ReaSynth: fix portamento on non-overlapping notes [p=2309212]

+ Render: fix using $region and $regionnumber wildcards together [t=238687]

+ Routing: fix multiprocessing issues with certain feedback structures (6.12 regression) [t=235395]

+ Windows: always install bridging support

+ Windows: fix resolution of shortcuts that point to non-ascii filenames

+ macOS: fix display glitch when using non-retina secondary display [t=238677]

# Actions list: more cleanup

# MIDI CC selector: improve menu positioning

# MIDI editor: add theme colors for CC lane selectors

# MIDI: mousewheel over CC lane selection navigates between lanes with events unless ctrl/cmd is held

# MIDI: support mousewheel over CC lane selection UI [p=2308320]

v6.12+dev0622 - June 22 2020

+ MIDI: add preference to suppress note retriggering when splitting media items

+ MIDI: fix inline editor CC labels for unnamed CCs

+ MIDI: fix inline editor menu, add missing actions [t=238624]

+ MIDI: improve CC lane selection UI

+ MIDI: marquee selection in CC lane handles partial MSB/LSB events consistently with display

+ Media explorer: display metadata in filesystem folder view, populate via action or when media is previewed

+ Media explorer: support editing media file metadata in filesystem folder view

# Actions list: change action/reascript label

v6.12+dev0621 - June 21 2020

+ Action list: reduce ReaScript/Custom Action UI redundancies

+ Actions list: creating new custom action prepopulates editor with selected actions

+ Actions: add action to suppress midi note retrigger at start/end of specific media items

+ MIDI: automatically suppress midi note retrigger when splitting MIDI media items

+ Theme adjuster: improve font sizes on Linux

# Area selection: prevent copy/paste of envelope area onto tracks with no envelopes

# Envelopes: fix mouse-copying automation items outside of area selections

v6.12+dev0619 - June 19 2020

+ Render: update $samplerate wildcard properly when changing render setting

+ VST3: fix default extension for vst3 preset export on Windows [t=238210]

# Area selection: fix vertical moves across hidden tracks

# Area selection: trim behind areas after cut/copy/paste

# Area selection: trim behind areas after duplicate action

v6.12+dev0618b - June 18 2020

+ Track metering: improve pre/post-fader corner cases on record armed tracks [t=238408]

# Area selection: drawing improvements while editing (experimental)

# Area selection: ensure all project area selections are cleared when creating a new one [p=2306284]

# Area selection: fix copying automation items [p=2306261]

v6.12+dev0618a - June 18 2020

+ FX: improve parameter linking to use wet/bypass/parameter-ID hinting for source parameter [t=238443]

+ Media import: fix playback when importing resampled .wav files with embedded transient information as beat slices [t=238432]

# Area selection: add tracks if necessary when pasting area selections

# Area selection: draw pre-edit location while mouse editing (experimental)

# Area selection: split and stretch MIDI items when stretching area selections

# Render: enable/disable tail length in response to open/change of preset/etc

# Render: fix focus issues on Windows when activating Apply button via keyboard

v6.12+dev0618 - June 18 2020

+ Actions: fix pasting envelope points at mouse position

+ Linux: fix spawn new instance of REAPER action

+ Windows: improve alt key menu activation behavior when alt-tabbing from REAPER and back

# Area selection: automatically add tracks when moving media item area selections

# Area selection: fix copying multiple areas of a single media item [p=2305800]

# Area selection: fix left-click mouse modifiers to split, delete, and move area selections

# Area selection: fix ripple editing with automation items [p=2305811]

# Area selection: fix trim-behind when editing area selection edges and non-aligned area selections exist [p=2305552]

# Area selection: fix trimming automation items after edit [p=2305667]

# Area selection: ignore MIDI and empty media items when stretching with ripple editing enabled

# Area selection: recalculate auto-stretch at tempo changes when editing [p=2305654]

# System: fix incorrect disk-write failure warning on Windows [t=238415]

v6.12+dev0617 - June 17 2020

+ Media explorer: support editing metadat for wavpack files

# Area selection: do not auto-create target envelopes when editing

# Area selection: many internal changes

# Area selection: removed

# Area selection: support for moving multiple envelope-only areas across envelopes

# Csurf API: add notification CSURF_EXT_TRACKFX_PRESET_CHANGED=0x00010015 parm1=(MediaTrack*)track, parm2=(int*)fxidx

# Media explorer: editing BPM metadata will rewrite .wav "acid" data if it already exists in the media file

# Media explorer: ensure edited metadata fields are read back to be displayed after writing the fields to a media file

v6.12+dev0616 - June 16 2020

+ ARA: better handling when copying multiple items with different edits that share the same source media [t=237563]

+ Actions: fix action to collapse empty take lanes

+ FLAC: display "vendor" metadata in source properties

+ Media explorer: support writing edited metadata to .flac files

+ Media explorer: support writing edited metadata to .wav files

v6.12+dev0615 - June 15 2020

+ System: add Preferences/Audio option to bypass audio processing when disk write error notification occurs

+ MP3: fix memory leak when encoding ID3 tags

+ MP3: support embedding APEv2 tags

+ Media Explorer: populate YEAR metadata for ogg, opus, flac files

+ Media explorer: read Description metadata from ID3, APEv2, or Vorbis tags in addition to BWF

+ Media explorer: support dropping files directly into database file list

+ Media explorer: support for editing database media tags (does not edit media files)

+ Media explorer: support reading Wavpack metadata

+ Media explorer: support writing editing metadata tags to MP3 (experimental)

+ Metadata: add BPM and Key tags for APEv2 metadata

+ Metadata: display APEv2 tags in MP3 source properties and Media Explorer

+ Metadata: support embedding REAPER tag, for display/searching in media explorer

+ System: notify when errors occur or a disk becomes full while writing to disk [t=226775]

+ Theme: fix misc_dpi_translate mapping bug

+ Theme: improve DPI scaling logic, changes layout_dpi_translate behavior, improves default sizing on 125% displays

v6.11+dev0608a - June 8 2020

+ Metadata: support user-defined metadata fields in schemes that support it

v6.11+dev0606 - June 6 2020

+ WAV: improve description of rendering format

+ WAV: support writing 32-bit PCM

v6.11+dev0604a - June 4 2020

# Actions: fix Remove items/tracks/envelope points (depending on focus) -- from previous build

v6.11+dev0603 - June 3 2020

+ Metadata: add "all schemes" list, to add/edit metadata for multiple schemes at once

+ Metadata: add category column to metadata dialog

# Metadata: remove option to suppress embedding automatically-generated BWF metadata if no user-entered BWF metadata exists

v6.11+dev0527a - May 27 2020

# Actions: action to paste at mouse cursor respects snap, does not move edit cursor if preference disabled

# Area selection: fix copying part of an automation item

# Area selection: fix crash when rapidly switching between right and left mouse drag

# Area selection: only clear area selection on paste after cut

# Area selection: suppress edits until the mouse has moved a few pixels

# Media item edits: fix stuck vertical moves in +dev0527

v6.11+dev0527 - May 27 2020

+ Actions: add action to paste tracks/items at mouse position

# Area selection: always add edge points when moving envelope areas [p=2294871]

# Area selection: fix copy/paste of automation items

# Area selection: fix vertical edge editing with item-edits-affect-envelopes enabled

# Area selection: unless focus is on track panels, cut/copy/delete actions always target area selection if there is one

v6.11+dev0526a - May 26 2020

# Area selection: fix copy/paste of envelope areas [p=2294757]

# Area selection: prevent potential hang when resizing area selection vertically [p=2294782]

# Area selection: snap respects preference to snap to media item start/end [p=2294791]

v6.11+dev0526 - May 26 2020

# Area selection: action to split/select area selections affects automation items as well as media items

# Area selection: add area selection click mouse modifiers to split or copy items within the area

# Area selection: better handling of editing area selections over existing automation items [p=2294221]

# Area selection: handle duplication of multiple non-time-contiguous areas possibly more predictably

# Area selection: minor improvements to marquee preview display

v6.11+dev0525a - May 25 2020

+ Area selection: add action to duplicate area selection

# Area Selection: prevent creating selections that start at negative times

# Area selection: improve paste behavior when the area selection contains empty space

# Area selection: improve some behaviors when moving an area selection on a single envelope

# Area selection: only support top/bottom edge edit at the top and bottom of contiguous areas

# Area selection: snap to visible grid if configured

v6.11+dev0525 - May 25 2020

+ Area selection: add area selection and area selection edge mouse modifiers

+ Area selection: drag areas to move or copy, drag edges to adjust selection or stretch contents

+ Area selection: support creating area selections in arrange view right-drag mouse modifiers

+ Area selection: support cut/copy/paste

+ Area selection: support selecting areas of media items and envelopes

v6.10+dev0514 - May 14 2020

# JSFX: fix PDC-passthrough glitch in new PDC code [p=2287520]

v6.09+dev0503 - May 3 2020

+ MIDI: add action to send explicit note-off messages for every channel/pitch combination to every MIDI output and plugin

v6.09+dev0428 - April 28 2020

+ Delay compensation: FX chains can be set to compensate delay Per-FX, Per-chain, or not at all

+ Delay compensation: in record input FX and monitoring FX, when not in ignore delay compensation mode, dry signal is now kept synchronized to wet signal (change from previous behavior)

+ Delay compensation: master FX chain can be set to compensate delay at the hardware-send level

+ Take markers: avoid potential crash when media item source file is not available

v6.08+dev0421 - April 21 2020

# ARA: minor optimization when using ARA as per-take FX

v6.05+dev0308 - March 8 2020

# Take markers: fix drawing when media item is partially scrolled off the top of the arrange view

v6.02+dev1221 - December 21 2019

+ MacOS: optionally display last user action in REAPER title bar

# Toolbars: fix toggle state for SWS cycle actions [p=2220575]

v6.02+dev1219 - December 19 2019

+ Actions: show custom action toggle state as enabled/disabled if all component actions that report a toggle state are enabled/disabled [t=229048]

+ Toolbars: refresh toolbar after running any action via toolbar [t=229048]

v6.01+dev1213 - December 13 2019

+ MIDI editor: add option to prevent mouse edits of single CC events from moving past other CC events

v6.12 - June 15 2020

+ 6.12c: fix issue with legacy customized FX mixer menu items [p=2304239]

+ Actions: fix action to scroll view vertically one page [t=124100]

+ Audio Units: do not show duplicates for plug-ins that register as both an effect and instrument

+ Automation items: only copy time-selected area if edit begins within the time selection [p=2295416]

+ Automation items: prevent potential hang when editing trim via envelope control panel [p=2295560]

+ Custom actions: editor is now modeless and can be opened for multiple custom actions at once

+ Custom actions: improve accessibility of editor (Control+Up/Down to reorder custom action list, Enter to add to list, etc) [t=237012]

+ Custom menu/toolbar editor: allow inserting multiple actions at once

+ Copy/paste: add actions to paste items ignoring hidden tracks (wysiwyg), which is the default behavior since 6.11 [p=2297051]

+ Copy/paste/delete: context-sensitive cut/copy/paste/delete commands will affect selected media items if track control panel area was last clicked but no tracks are selected

+ Envelopes: fix display glitch in certain instances with asymmetrical envelope display [t=208841]

+ FX browser: minor reorganization of controls

+ FX browser: add context menu items to add FX to selected active takes, selected tracks

+ FX browser: add option to hide FX type prefixes in folders and filtered views [t=39711]

+ FX browser: add options to hide FX when duplicate FX of a preferred type is present

+ FX browser: allow reordering of user-folders via drag/drop or Ctrl+Up/Down

+ FX browser: allow dragging multiple plug-ins to empty TCP/MCP areas to create tracks

+ FX browser: show confirmation prompt when adding more than 9 plug-ins at once

+ FX browser: fix display of ReWire and FX chains in quick add menu folders

+ FX browser: replace existing FX when alt+dragging from FX browser to an existing FX instance

+ FX browser: increase maximum folders/VST folder counts

+ FX browser: remove developer names from items when redundant with the folder name

+ Freeze/render stems: fix behavior when rendering multiple items on the same track with the same item name [t=237124]

+ Grid: prevent "adjust grid by.." actions from setting grid to unreasonable values [p=2294416]

+ Groups: add actions to select groups 33-64 [t=202938]

+ Groups: modernize nomenclature

+ Internals: restore logical-sort in reaper-menu.ini [t=237194]

+ Item solo: improve item solo action behaviors, add new actions/API to access

+ JSFX: atomic_*() now work across different JSFX instances e.g. on gmem [t=236960]

+ Linux: fix missing checkbox icons in FX chain etc [p=2297062]

+ Localization: fix localizing render wildcard help dialog

+ macOS: allow NSAppTransportSecurity NSExceptionDomains for localhost/HTTP for some plug-ins

+ macOS: improve support for js_ReaScriptAPI extension drawing with Metal [t=230013]

+ MIDI: improve item start offset behavior when recording and preserve PDC monitoring enabled [p=2298235]

+ Media explorer: fix option to toggle searching by custom database tag

+ Metadata: fix writing CART TagText field

+ Metronome: support longer pattern entry on Windows [t=237666]

+ Metronome: increase size of metronome pattern entry fields to show up to 32 beats

+ NINJAM: fix import timing issue with certain bpm/bpi changes

+ NINJAM: improve accessibility descriptions of mute/solo buttons in ReaNINJAM

+ Playback: fix playback to end of lengthened project when adjusting item rate/position/length via action, media item properties, or API

+ Preferences: fix incorrect reset of track default crossfade options

+ Project bay: improve velocity scaling display for MIDI items [p=2293632]

+ Project bay: minor reorganization of controls

+ Project bay: support Ctrl+A in filter field to select all text

+ RS5k: small reorganization of controls

+ RS5k: add Portamento setting

+ RS5k: allow loop to be enabled when ignoring note-offs

+ RS5k: improve UI for editing loop start offset/fades

+ RS5k: right clicking activity light sends note-offs

+ RS5k: use a fixed-size ADSR view when using a looping sample

+ RS5k: allow easier setting of long attack/release settings when using short looped media

+ ReaEQ: fix processing artifact when automating parameters away from a non-automatically-bypassed state [t=208841]

+ ReaEQ: reduce CPU use

+ ReaScript: add PromptForAction()

+ ReaScript: fix temporary playback issue when reconfiguring send via SetTrackSendInfo_Value(I_SRCCHAN)

+ ReaScript: update Track/TakeFX_AddByName() to allow inserting FXADD:, allow inserting FX at position in chain

+ ReaSynth: add Portamento setting

+ ReaVerbate: reduce CPU use

+ Render: enable Apply button after editing render target directory [t=237198]

+ Render: resolve $region wildcard correctly when using region render matrix with multiple regions with the same start/end times [t=237626]

+ Ripple editing: allow moving media items across tracks with ripple editing enabled and items near top/bottom of project

+ Routing: fix issues relating to detection of feedback in routing [t=235395]

+ Snap: do not snap time/loop selections to edit cursor/time selection if it would make a zero-length selection

+ Toolbars: apply global color tweaks to toolbar buttons after state change [p=2302525]

+ Video: add 'Combine: grid of videos' preset [t=233917]

+ Video: improve 'Apply track FX only where track has video items' preset to allow clearing if no items

+ WavPack: support dual-mono optimization

+ WavPack: support embedding APEv2 tags when rendering

+ WavPack: display WavPack metadata in source properties dialog

+ Windows: fix GDI object leak when closing media item properties