最新的REAPER更新日志 - 包含翻译


  +胶水:在部分样本边界上粘贴时修复子样本项目的创建[t = 205783]

  +键盘:添加选项以允许空间键用于在各种窗口中导航[t = 205757]

  +本地化:改进MIDI合并错误消息[p = 1979031]

  + MIDI编辑器:修改缩放至具有多个上下文的选定CC /音符

  + ReaXcomp:改善参数自动化时的文本字段行为[t = 205735]

  + VST3:启用兼容性选项'通知轨道通道计数的插件',默认情况下现已启用

  + VST3:每插件实例选项添加以请求总线通道计数

v5.80 - April 25 2018

+ Glue: fix creation of subsample items when gluing on partial sample boundaries [t=205783]

+ Keyboard: add option to allow the space key to be used for navigation in various windows [t=205757]

+ Localization: improve MIDI consolidate error messages [p=1979031]

+ MIDI editor: fix zoom to selected CC/notes with multiple contexts

+ ReaXcomp: improve text field behavior when automating parameters [t=205735]

+ VST3: enabled compatibility option 'Inform plug-in of track channel count', now enabled by default

+ VST3: added per plug-in instance option to request bus channel count