v5.980+dev0717a - July 17 2019

+ Media items: fix hang when displaying media item source ruler and setting media offline

v5.980+dev0717 - July 17 2019

+ Automation items: obey preference to pool automation items when duplicating or pasting tracks [t=223104]

+ Media items: add support for per-item beats ruler

+ Media items: avoid creating inconsistent take lanes when deleting takes from adjacent media items [t=222309]

+ Render: fix render source resetting when opening region manager [t=223074]

+ Takes: always delete media items when deleting the last non-empty take

+ Tempo envelope: fix tempo map edits incorrectly inserting time in certain situations [t=223126]

v5.980+dev0713 - July 13 2019

# More large-track-count optimizations (particularly when pasting tracks)

v5.980+dev0712 - July 12 2019

+ LTC generator: fix 29.97DF timecode drift

+ LTC generator: fix glitch when starting timecode mid-frame

# Mixer: fix incorrect track numbers in certain instances

# macOS: add advanced preference to disable metal for meters

v5.980+dev0711 - July 11 2019

+ MIDI action bindings: faster screen updates when processing batches of messages

+ Notation editor: better handling for custom accidentals in key signatures that are enharmonic to C major [t=222761]

+ Performance: improve track panel UI behavior with large track counts

# macOS: fix retina monitoring FX button in project tab list

v5.979+dev0707 - July 7 2019

# Metal: option in prefs/general/advanced to use Metal for track panels when FX are embedded

v5.979+dev0706 - July 6 2019

+ macOS: add (default) option to retina-render themed elements on old themes (sharper text)

+ macOS: add prefs/general/advanced options to disable retina support

# hidpi: improve layout remapping when non-existent layout is selected

# macOS: fix MIDI editor grid updating via action when metal enabled

v5.979+dev0705 - July 5 2019

+ macOS: workaround appearance issues when user forces dark mode rendering for app (requires Metal to be enabled) [t=222366]

# macOS: automatically disable metal if no metal devices installed

v5.979+dev0704a - July 4 2019

# macOS: update metal surfaces in response to events, reworking

v5.979+dev0704 - July 4 2019

# HiDPI: improve meter quality on hidpi/retina

# macOS: do not use (non-functional) metal for JSFX/ReaScript/Video IDEs

v5.979+dev0703a - July 3 2019

# macOS: improve metal mode redrawing

# macOS: metal use is multi-device-aware

v5.979+dev0703 - July 3 2019

# macOS: always draw metal updates ASAP

# macOS: improve metal window drawing during resize

v5.979+dev0702b - July 2 2019

# macOS: re-fix metal on intel devices

v5.979+dev0702a - July 2 2019

# macOS: fix Metal support for some graphics drivers [t=222605]

v5.979+dev0702 - July 2 2019

+ macOS: use Metal display output on 10.11+ for various windows

# macOS: improve grid lines on retina displays

v5.979+dev0630 - June 30 2019

# macOS: removed layered mode, going to do some more research on it before continuing with it

v5.979+dev0629a - June 29 2019

# macOS: fix cursor updates when in layered mode

# macOS: fix plug-in windows in layered mode

# macOS: renamed various drawing modes and cleaned up their use

v5.979+dev0629 - June 29 2019

+ macOS: added "force layer" drawing mode in preferences/general/advanced

+ macOS: optimize drawing speed on newer macOS versions/retina displays (when in automatic mode in preferences/general/advanced)

v5.979+dev0627 - June 27 2019

# HiDPI/UI scaling: scale envelope node point sizes

# HiDPI: option to ignore DPI settings on win32

# UI scaling: adjust scrollbar sizes

v5.979+dev0625 - June 25 2019

# Crossfade editor: fix langpack-scaled transport appearance

# WALTER: auto-DPI-layout selection logic improvement

# WALTER: support setting linespace adjustment for tcp/mcp.fxparm.font

# macOS: improve retina bezier rendering/bugfixes

v5.979+dev0619 - June 19 2019

# Retina arrange: fix text background drawing issue [p=2148309]

# Theme: tcp.fxparm.font obeys second parameter for row height, third/fourth parameters can specify min/max width of item

v5.979+dev0618 - June 18 2019

+ MIDI editor: improve hidpi/retina drawing

+ Performance meter: improve win32 hidpi drawing

+ Splash screen: improve win32 HiDPI

+ Toolbars: improve hidpi/retina sizing (including editor and icon picker)

+ UI scaling: apply advanced preference scaling changes immediately

+ UI scaling: fix theme rendering bugs when using custom scaling

+ Windows: HiDPI display improvements (auto-rescale more UI when running HiDPI aware)

+ macOS: retina display improvements (retina display of arrange, ruler, MIDI editor, etc)

# JSFX: embedded hidpi support

# MIDI editor: snap inserted points to existing CC segment if nearby

# ReaComp: fix memory leak in embed mode, hidpi

# ReaEQ: retina support, retina embed support

# ReaFIR: retina drawing, embed

# ReaSurround HiDPI

# ReaXcomp retina support

# plugin embedding: improve retina/hidpi support

v5.978+dev0604 - June 4 2019

# MIDI editor: fix 14-bit lane usage indicators

v5.978+dev0522 - May 22 2019

# MIDI editor: better handling of channels when using mouse modifier to move CC segment respecting time selection

# MIDI editor: deprecate option to not select CC events on mouse click [p=2137798]

v5.978+dev0521a - May 21 2019

# MIDI editor: fix CC segment mouse modifier to draw/edit CC ignoring snap

# MIDI editor: fix inconsistent behavior of mouse modifier to move CC events respecting time selection

v5.978+dev0521 - May 21 2019

# MIDI editor: add MIDI CC segment context mouse modifiers to draw CC events [p=2136645]

# MIDI editor: add mouse modifier to move CC segment within time selection

# MIDI editor: draw active channel CC fill behind events on other channels

v5.978+dev0517 - May 17 2019

# MIDI editor: more display adjustments

# MIDI editor: preserve existing CC selection when clicking the horizontal line to the right of a selected CC event

# MIDI editor: slightly different shape for selected vs unselected notes, velocity, CC events

v5.978+dev0515 - May 15 2019

# Removed multi-tremolo support

v5.978+dev0514a - May 14 2019

# MIDI editor: select note when clicking on velocity stem for all mouse modifier except ramp behaviors

v5.978+dev0514 - May 14 2019

+ MIDI editor: always select the associated note when clicking on velocity stem, regardless of user preference to select CC event on single click

# MIDI editor: draw CC stems similarly to CC event fill

# Notation editor: multitremolo display tweaks

v5.978+dev0513 - May 13 2019

+ Notation editor: add multi-tremolo support

# MIDI editor: adjust note/CC display when using custom track or media item colors

v5.977+dev0509 - May 9 2019

+ Resampler: Added SSE2-optimized sinc calculation (from Theo Niessink)

# MIDI editor: restore option to edit CC/velocity only when mouse is near event [p=2131950]

v5.977+dev0507 - May 7 2019

+ MIDI editor: repopulate raw MIDI display window when switching active media item

+ MIDI editor: respect CC drawing density preference

# MIDI editor: add action to toggle displaying note length in velocity lane

# MIDI editor: do not display note length bars in velocity lane by default

# MIDI editor: fix CC lane hit testing

v5.977+dev0506 - May 6 2019

+ MIDI editor: add option to display note length in velocity lane

+ MIDI editor: fix incorrect CC event drawing when coloring notes by velocity

# MIDI editor: fix hit testing in secondary media items

# MIDI editor: more drawing tweaks for velocity and CC lanes

# MIDI editor: note velocity selection improvements

v5.976+dev0505 - May 5 2019

# MIDI editor: use theme MIDI colormap for CC drawing

# MIDI editor: various velocity and CC editing improvements

v5.976+dev0503 - May 3 2019

# MIDI editor: draw selected CC events more prominently

v5.975+dev0501 - May 1 2019

+ MIDI editor: display CC events as square envelopes rather than bars

# MIDI editor: allow selecting individual velocity bars for notes that start at the same time

# MIDI editor: fix drag-editing velocity

# Resampler: optimized build low-pass sinc filter (thanks Theo Niessink)

v5.975+dev0430 - April 30 2019

+ Resampling: optimize and improve quality of resampling at whole ratios and for common rates

# Mixer panels: fix send knob sizes in hidpi modes on Windows/Linux

v5.974+dev0414 - April 14 2019

# HiDPI: improve macOS retina extended mixer size handling

# MCP: improve mixer send knob sizing

# WALTER: layout_dpi_translate implemented for envcp

# WALTER: layout_dpi_translate implemented for tcp/master.tcp

# WALTER: support layout_dpi_translate with scale 1.0 for hidden alias layouts

v5.974+dev0411 - April 11 2019

# Automation items: restore attach automation items to underlying envelope options

v5.974+dev0410 - April 10 2019

+ Envelopes: add action to attach automation items to underlying envelope

# Automation items: fix crash on mouseover of certain items (oops) [p=2119614]

v5.974+dev0409 - April 9 2019

+ Automation items: remove preference to attach automation items to the underlying envelope (superseded by per-automation-item transition time setting)

v5.974+dev0307 - April 7 2019

+ MIDI editor: add CC lane mouse modifier to insert a single CC event

+ MIDI editor: draw CC/velocity as dots and lines rather than bars

v5.973+dev0314 - March 14 2019

# Track mananger/matrix: do not give tracks with empty names default names

v5.973+dev0313 - March 13 2019

# removed CC/envelope branch, will return shortly

v5.97+dev0222 - February 22 2019

+ Render: support rendering only selected regions in an existing region render matrix [t=193405]

v5.965+dev0116 - January 16 2019

# WALTER: layout_dpi_translate implemented for transport

v5.965+dev0115 - January 15 2019

+ WALTER: add additional 8 font slots

# WALTER: add support for rtconfig layout_dpi_translate 'source layout' dpi_scale 'destination layout', to be implemented

# WALTER: layout_dpi_translate implemented for mcp/master.mcp

v5.965+dev0110 - January 10 2019

# Linux: fix armv7l/aarch64 JSFX/rescript issues

# Remove old stale cc14 branch (will revisit NPRN later)

v5.961+dev1027 - October 27 2018

# embed fx: add actions to show/hide all embedded UIs, or navigate previous/next single UI

# embed fx: improve layout/aspect ratio handling

v5.961+dev1022 - October 22 2018

+ ReaFIR: add context menu mode configuration

# ReaFir: embed support mostly working

v5.961+dev1020 - October 20 2018

# JSFX: scale-down embed-UI when main UI is open in retina mode on macOS

# ReaComp: fix UI updates when editing from embedUI

v5.961+dev1019 - October 19 2018

+ FX: allow embed of some plug-in UIs into TCP (done via action or FX menus)

+ FX: embed support for ReaEQ, ReaXComp, ReaComp, ReaSurround, and graphical JSFX

v5.96pre11 - September 25 2018

# ARA: small optimizations/simplifications

v5.96pre5 - September 17 2018

# Keyboard: remove 'override all contexts' section

v5.96pre4 - September 16 2018

+ Keyboard: add "Main (override all contexts including text fields)" section which allows global keyboard overrides

v5.95pre11 - August 24 2018

# linux: vertically center menubar text

v5.94pre2 - July 20 2018

# wiring diagram: fix folder receive positioning [p=2013577]

v5.94pre1 - July 18 2018

+ Track wiring diagram view

v5.92pre3 - June 15 2018

+ MIDI editor: 14-bit registered parameter/non-registered parameter CC editing

v5.79pre6 - April 2 2018

+ Fade editor: fixed an obscure possible bug

+ Misc: fixed a few minor memory leaks

v5.71pre13 - January 18 2018

# ReaControlMIDI: fix bug in sample accurate parameter change support

# mac: added icc18 test builds

v5.71pre12 - January 12 2018

+ ASIO: permit buffer sizes that are not a power of 2 if the device does not very specifically request otherwise [t=200746]

v5.71pre5 - January 2 2018

# FX: avoid possible deadlock on preset load combine m_ignore_automation and m_no_change_nch as m_ignore_plugin_notifications

v5.980 - July 11 2019

+ ARA: handle ARA state load error without interfering with extension state loading [p=2151344]

+ Arrange view: avoid excessive redraws during some mouse edits

+ Envelopes: don't preserve relative differences between points when editing via action [t=222016]

+ Envelopes: fix inconsistency when loading projects with bezier envelope points

+ Envelopes: fix time selection edits that start at the beginning of a media item [p=2154450]

+ Envelopes: improve UI performance when recording send volume/pan automation [t=207384]

+ FX: fix potential crash on macOS/Linux when auto-switching visible FX chain [t=222841]

+ FX: fix ReaTune per-take FX tail issue [t=221956]

+ Jump to time: add support for jumping to relative time in earliest selected media item

+ Localization: improve alignment of various auto-resized controls when arranged in columns [p=2146661]

+ MIDI editor: handle converting multiple selected events between 2-byte and 3-byte messages [p=2154933]

+ MIDI editor: support copy/pasting events between CC lanes and channel pressure lane [p=2154852]

+ macOS: fix system Services menu [p=2150593]

+ macOS: use standard Window/Help menu ordering

+ macOS: add osx_max_open_files= reaper.ini tweak [p=2156238]

+ Media items: add optional per-item ruler display

+ Mixer: fix slowness when opening mixer [t=222728]

+ Mouse modifiers: fix preference to ignore targeting media item lower half [t=222080]

+ Mouse modifiers: improve handling of empty take lanes when targeting media item lower half [p=1683360]

+ Notation editor: fix chasing key signature changes when displaying multiple tracks [t=222703]

+ Notation editor: fix chasing clef changes when media items overlap [t=219859]

+ Nudge: fix issue with calling nudge-by-settings-slot before opening nudge window [p=2156424]

+ Peaks: do not set all media online after building peaks [t=222807]

+ Peaks: fix bug in waveform drawing with some themes and settings (5.979 regression) [t=222229]

+ Performance: improve low-latency behavior by avoiding destroying media buffers from audio threads

+ Performance: fix live FX multiprocessing issue with folder tracks causing media buffer underruns

+ Performance: reduce audio device underruns when pausing

+ ReaScript: simplify display of line numbers in IDE error messages [t=222740]

+ ReaScript: improve Python compatibility with unicode strings

+ Ruler: in frame mode, display one tick mark per frame when possible

+ Render: add option to render selected tracks via master

+ Render: improve use of $item wildcard when rendering project regions

+ Render: support $item and $track wildcards when rendering selected media items via master

+ Render: when rendering selected tracks or media items via master, also render children and receives [p=2151904]

+ Toolbars: improve automatic button images for various Set: actions

+ VST: limit preset dropdown to 512 presets of each type

+ VST: improve support for VST3 MIDI program change messages