v6.08rc2 - April 2 2020

+ NINJAM import: create a track full of empty item chat messages

# NINJAM import: remember concat state

# ReaNINJAM: fixed issue with sync (would either crash or seek to the incorrect time)

# ReaNINJAM: sync options behave properly on background projects

v6.08rc1 - April 2 2020

+ ARA: more improvements to preventing lost data when doing complex edits [p=2253315]

+ ARA: preserve edits when running complex split actions and using ARA as take FX

+ JSFX: sequencer_megababy extended recording options via MIDI trigger parameter

+ MIDI: avoid retriggering notes when recording past the end of an unlooped MIDI item

+ MIDI: prevent playing back double events in certain situations

+ Media explorer: optionally apply preview volume to inserted media item

+ NINJAM import: allow setting output format when importing session

+ NINJAM: add options to auto-play, auto-rewind REAPER playback at interval start

+ Pan: add option to limit taper to linear above +3dB pan law [t=231241]

+ ReaNINJAM: act as if disconnected if server reports 0 local channels and no remote channels available (lobby-mode)

+ ReaNINJAM: fix possible incorrect monitoring when server has limited local channels

+ ReaNINJAM: include for posterity chat messages in clipsort.log

+ Render: fix potential crash when rendering stems and target file cannot be opened [t=233558]

# Media explorer: when enabled, apply preview volume to take volume, not media item volume

# Pan: fix scaling when using new pan law option

# ReaNINJAM: project sync options are on-demand actions rather than persistent settings

v6.07 - March 29 2020

+ Items: fix snap offset editing, broken in 6.06 [t=233490]