Reaper 5.50c更新。

Reaper 5.50c update.

Posted by Tee on September 16,2017

Reaper是一款跨平台的Daw,正式版拥有Windows、Mac以及Linux Wine版本,其中Linux NATIVE正式版已经发布!20170916

Reaper官网更新跳票,说在9月15日在官网更新正式版,看来bug不少要修复。目前版本是Reaper 5.50c

Reaper 550正式版



Arch Linux的用户可以在aur安装。

Reaper 5.50c更新日志: 

+ Bouncing: fixed elapsed time indicator at non-44khz
+ MIDI export: re-fix another SMPTE case [p=1885834]
+ Spectral editing: improve knob control positioning consistency [p=1885746]
+ Automation: fix transitions writing to regions with 0ms transition time [p=1885561]


  + Automation: fix combining of trim/main volume envelope with different scales
  # Automation items: ensure item edge points are square-shaped for mute envelopes
  # Envelopes: fix insert 4 env points before an AI [p=1885418]
  # Envelopes: fix possible crash when clearing envelope from envcp
  # linux: improve Python auto-detection

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